Fiction to Fashion Runway Show

Mr. Scooter organized NHCPL’s 3rd annual Fashion Design Contest.  Teens were challenged to create an outfit using discarded library books, cassette tapes and CDs.  18 designs entered the competition and modeled their stunning collection on the Expo 216 runway.

Special thanks to Salt Magazine, Expo 216, Beauty Bar Boutique, Nema, Jester’s Café, DJ Quinn, Cucalorus, TAYHAM, Freaker, Alternative Apparel, Cameron Art Museum, NCSU College of Design, Moe Weinman, Anna Hogelin, Isabel Zermani, Sydney Perry, Lesley Tamaev, Alice Powell, Jayme Bednarczyk, Alexia Blue Photography, Shelton Metal by Colby Byrd, Theresa Batts, DREAMS, Half United, Blue Lime and the Friends of NHCPL.

New Album PAPERCUTS!!!

International Library Hip Hop Superstar Melvil Dewey is back with his 2nd library rap album for kids!  Featuring legendary MC’s like Book Marky Mark and Lil B Dub the Rapping Book Worm, Papercuts is sure to knock your socks off!  Available to purchase at iTunes and CD Baby.



Scooter Hayes’ first children’s book has officially dropped and is available to purchase!

AAAAA!!! Bing! Bang! Boom! Boing! . . . CRASH! Poor, little Scribbleball just can’t get a break. He’s being flung and spun in this delightful, action-packed, onomatopoeia alphabet adventure. Join Scribbleball on his colorful journey as he experiences hysterical encounters with tropical terrain, weather, and wildlife.