From the BookstacksCD101


Book Bling

Don’t Plagiarizzle

Lil B Dub The Rapping Book Worm

Book Lover

Make the Pages Flippy Flap

Book Clubbin

Credible Resources

Book Marky Mark

Keep My Library Open

Deweylicious Library Hip Hop

Old Man IntroMelvil Dewey

Library Card

Bio de Melvil

Welcome to the Library


Super Duper Library Dance Party


Bugsy Book Drop

Librarians Know

Evil Librarian

Book Turn Tables


Make the Scanner Go Beep

Library Renewal

Dewey Decimal Rap

  1. […] If you’re already hip to Melvil you might have heard the song that started all this library rapping the “Dewey Decimal Rap.” There is also an album called “Deweylicious” which is his library-themed rap album. You can check out all the lyrics to his library raps here. […]

  2. J.J. says:

    I am way “hip” to Dewey! I had used his video, but I didn’t know he had a whole CD until I met him at the VAASL Conference!!! He was great!!!! I bought the CD and am using it in all my classes!!!

  3. isabella says:

    hi this a fan you should make more raps!!!!!!!

  4. amoy stewart says:

    melvin that rap sounds good

  5. amoy stewart says:

    make more raps like that and you will get my vote

  6. Justin says:

    more raps!!!!!!!!!!!!

  7. My school LOVES Melville Dewey! so much that today i am performing the Melville Dewey Rap for the school to reward them for reading 200 books..they will all be singing along because they have it memorized..thank you for shwing kids how much fun the library can be!

  8. gavin says:

    awsome you are awsome

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